R & D and Manufacturing

Research and Development locations

Manufacturing Facilities

Ambernath, India  India

  • 5 dedicated injectable formulation lines
  • 2 API manufacturing lines
  • EU GMP, ANVISA Brazil
  • Human & equine biological, thrombolytic and urinary hormone product manufacturing plant

Baesweiler, Germany  Germany

  • Established in June 2010, it produces and sells biological pharmaceuticals, emphasizing women’s health and critical care Manufacturers of bulk active of biological origin
  • With a capacity of over 120 batches per annum, it produces fertility hormones that are being supplied either as API or drug products
  • 100% subsidy if BSV India, capable of over 120 batches per annum
  • German GMOP and US FDA-approved
  • The unit has the potential to be a leading player globally in fertility hormones and emergency medicine