Start Your Joy

BSV is at the forefront of a groundbreaking initiative, centred on providing unwavering support to patients embarking on the challenging journey of IVF treatment, with a particular focus on addressing the formidable financial barriers that often deter infertile couples from taking their first steps toward parenthood.

Through the BSVwithU initiative, we offer interest-free loan services in collaboration with our finance partners, specifically designed to alleviate the financial constraints faced by couples pursuing IVF treatment. Our dedicated tele-counselling team is committed to guiding and supporting aspiring couples, ensuring they remain steadfast in their pursuit of realizing their dream of parenthood.

To further raise awareness and educate individuals seeking fertility treatment, we have developed a dedicated microsite, accessible at Moreover, our microfinancing services extend beyond IVF, as we also offer assistance to Aplastic Anaemia patients through Thymogam, helping them complete their treatment and alleviate the associated financial burdens.