While our products are powered by biotech R&D, the reach of our products across India is powered by a robust partner network. Assured deliveries to hospitals and specialist HCPs is a huge opportunity for us to make a meaningful difference to the lives of patients.

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As a leading biopharmaceutical company focused on women’s health, we offer a wide range of innovative products that cater to the reproductive needs of women through better health management, delivering better outcomes. With our market-leading brands, we continue to serve to address the health needs of women in their fertile age, while covering endometriosis, Rh incompatibility, luteal phase deficiency, antenatal care among others.

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Our team of dedicated and well-trained executives support IVF centers across the country to address the challenge of infertility. Our recombinant follicle stimulating hormone, three generations of gonadotrophins and comprehensive ART solutions, including our flagship START IVF project, aims to address the challenge of infertility that is prevalent in our country.

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Our dedicated team address the medical needs of patients with our diverse range of anti-fungal, anti-biotics, immunosuppressants therapy (e-ATG market), immune-modulator, wound healing, surfactants and plasma volume expanders.

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Our bite management portfolio comprising treatments related to dog bites & snake bites supports the emergency treatment management among those affected by it. We also address management of sepsis and black fungus, among other life-threatening conditions and help save and improve patient lives.

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Our tender driven business segment caters to Government hospital-based emergency and casualties. Some of our market leading products in the plasma and anti-sera segments, along with our flagship products continue to address the medical needs of patients and help serve them better.