Manufacturing - Facility

Our Ambernath facility started in 2003 as a single manufacturing unit involved in the manufacture of general categories of products, Human Biological and Equine biological products, Thrombolytic categories of products and urinary hormone products. Each had four dedicated injectable lines.

Today the Ambernath facility is segregated in two units:
Unit – I and Unit – II

Manufacturing Facility Type of Products

Unit - I

Production A

General Category

Production B

Equine Biological

Production C

Human Biological

Production D

GnRH analog

Unit - II

Production A

Urinary and Recombinant Fertility Hormones

Production B

Recombinant DNA Derived API.

Production C

Monoclonal API

The State-of-the-art manufacturing unit incorporates the following features:

  • Unidirectional material flow.
  • Automated equipment to minimize manual interventions.
  • Dedicated manufacturing lines based on product category.
  • Automated equipment to minimize manual interventions.
  • Validated manufacturing process and in-process controls to ensure consistent product quality.
  • 100 % visual inspection of filled and sealed units to ensure zero defect in market.
  • Country specific packaging material artwork control.
  • SAP based inventory management.
  • Dedicated, temperature-controlled storage areas for storage of raw material, intermediate products and finished products.
  • State-of-the-art utility support:
    • - Purified water for injection generation and distribution plant.
    • - HVAC systems dedicated to every manufacturing line.
    • - Boiler and Pure steam generator.
    • - Compressed air generation plant.
    • - Effluent treatment plant.
    • - Un-interrupted electrical power supply.

Production capacity: 36 Million units / Annum

  • Unit – I: 25 Million units / Annum.
  • Unit – II: 11 Million units / Annum.